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Famous shopping and entertainment center created in the former factory belonging to Izrael Poznański. Manufaktura comprises 3 museums (Museum of the City of Łódź, Museum of Modern Art and Museum of the Factory), Experimentarium, Arena Laser Game, bowling center, movie theater, more than 250 boutiques, dozens of trendy restaurants. The square at the heart of Manufaktura frequently hosts cultural and entertainment events, houses the longest European fountain and many recreation areas.      



The city’s most representative pedestrian route - the longest shopping street in Europe, extending over the distance of 4.2 km, is a prominent cultural, commercial and business center. It concentrates numerous stores, restaurants, trendy pubs, offices, banks and beautiful historical buildings.  




Comprising three branches: MS1, MS2 and Herbst Palace Museum, the Art Museum is the oldest institution exhibiting contemporary art.

In the MS1, two floors feature exhibitions presenting interesting trends in contemporary art.

The Ms2 showcases artworks from the twentieth and twenty-first century and hosts workshops, lectures and film screenings. Ms2 also houses the "Awangarda" café shop, as well as an art bookstore.

Herbst Palace Museum exhibits ancient art from the nineteenth century.    




The museum is located near Plac Wolności (The Freedom Square) - the starting point of the pedestrian part of Piotrkowska Street – in a historic oval subterrain reservoir for rainwater. The museum’s tunnel allows visitors to walk around Plac Wolności underground. "Dętka" is the first Polish canal made available to the public.  


An industrial-residential complex remaining in construction since 1824. The Priest's Mill consists of factory buildings, residential complex, the facility owners’ residences and executives’ villas with gardens, streets and railway sidings, schools, two hospitals, fire brigade station, gasworks and factory club. 


Museum of Cinematography 

Museum based in the Palace of Karol Scheibler – nineteenth century building located next to the Źródliska park. The museum exhibits films, posters, stage props, technical equipment and other memorabilia related to the cinema. The museum’s collection includes an original and still functioning stereoscope.


Palm House in ŁÓDŹ

One of the most modern palm houses in Europe, located in the Źródliska park - the oldest city park in Łódź. The Palm House is divided into three parts: the Mediterranean pavilion, tropical pavilion and a room featuring a collection of cacti. The venue features i.a. more than 130-year old palms, citrus, lavenders, bromeliads, fig trees, succulents, prickly pears, kalles. The Palm House is open every day except Mondays and the last week of March and July (plant-care procedures).



The garden is located in the western part of Łódź at 36/38 Krzemieniecka street. The plants presented in the Garden are divided into nine thematic sections, including the Japanese Garden, Rock Garden, Arboretum. The facility is open daily from 1 April to 31 October.



Located in the Central Museum of Textiles, the open-air museum displays an over 200-year-old larch church, a summer villa transported from Ruda Pabianicka and five nearly century-old craftsmen houses transferred from Wólczańska, Żeromskiego, Kopernika and Mazowiecka streets. Visitors can learn about the conditions of life of textile workers of the old-time, as well as explore the interiors of craftsmen workshops dedicated to weaving, glasswork, tannery. 



The zoo located at Konstantynowska street consists of: a monkey house, aquarium, vivarium, butterfly pavilion, small mammals pavilion and "The world of birds" pavilion. Łódź zoo is also the only one in Poland that presents the endangered Asiatic lions.



The swimming pool complex located at Unii Lubelskiej avenue in Łódź is housed inside glass pyramids. The inner part consists of four pools: a sports pool combined with an irregularly shaped recreational pool, children's pool and pool with a wave. The water park features the only Polish Kamikaze-type waterslide, a 19-meter high tower with two slides, sauna zones, water massage, jacuzzi pools, bars and restaurants.



Sports hall in Łódź which hosts i.a. sporting events (including basketball and volleyball tournaments, e.g. World League) and concerts.


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